Parent Handbook

Welcome to HURON PARK MONTESSORI SCHOOL. We assure you an ideal learning environment based on Maria Montessori principles and ‘HOW DOES LEARNING HAPPEN?’, Ontario’s Pedagogy for the early years. Our classroom is enriched with an exciting range of Montessori and play based materials. To further enrich our program we offer music, indoor gymnasium and swimming. Our experienced, dedicated and caring staff helps every child with exceptional childcare services.


At Huron Park Montessori we are committed to create an enriched Montessori environment well balanced with free choices to explore play based materials, fully devoted to nurture the child’s love for learning. Every aspect of the environment is designed according to the developmental need, interests and Culture of the child which inspire our children to be competent, capable, curious, rich in potential using the Montessori philosophy of education and exploring Play base materials.


Our dedicated, highly qualified and caring staff is experienced to understand every child’s developmental, social and cultural need and are capable of providing quality care.

They participate in ongoing professional development opportunities provided by Raising the bar.

Teachers take part as co learner during active meaningful play indoor, outdoor and quiet play during sleep or rest time. Through involvement with children and their family they support learning with, about and from children. They support children’s development, challenge thinking, and learning through play.

Our multi-aged classroom helps every child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. Our curriculum reflects respect for human values and cultural diversity and interest of child.


Every child’s progress, interests and individualized developmental needs are documented in the form and of written document, video, pictures and as portfolios which are shared from time to time with parents through daily verbal communication, texting, newsletters, what’s up, emails etc.


Huron Park Montessori School:

  • Has service contracts with the Region of Peel for a child care fee subsidy to support families, and receiving funding for play base material, repair and maintenance.
  • Working together with the Peel Inclusion Resource Service (PIRS) to be inclusive for every child, irrespective of any diagnosed or undiagnosed physical, behavioural, and/or developmental challenge.
  • Aligned with the federal government for wage enhancement and grants for professional development.
  • A physical literacy champion.
  • Member of Raising the Bar and CDRCP


The strategies set out in this program statement will be reviewed through ongoing inquiries, Parental survey, discussion in staff meetings and study of documents.

Our Goals

Our goal is to build an environment that will help your child to explore, communicate, work and develop his/her skills to the highest potential. Our Montessori-based structured environment provides optimum growth in all the areas. Huron Park Montessori is proud to offer a nurturing, non-competitive, safe and stimulating environment. Our program provides opportunities for children to grow in self-esteem, become well-grounded in academics and regard learning as being a joyful experience.


Our goal is to help children develop inner discipline. Children appear to learn best when they are given reasonable limits and freedom to choose. Discipline is planned to assist the child. We want students to understand and be responsible for their actions and the consequence that follow. We also believe in positive interactions and redirection when necessary. We work very hard to assist children in understanding virtues and the feelings of other people. Together with PIRS Peel Inclusion Resource Service we will try our best to make class room inclusive for every child. The staff works with the parents to maintain consistent expectations both in the home environment and within the school.


Under no circumstance will corporal punishment or ’time out’ be used for behaviour management. As well, the following control techniques are not tolerated:

  • Inappropriate Verbal Practices:
  • Humiliation
  • Threatening
  • Swearing
  • Harassment
  • Yelling
  • Sarcasm
  • Discussion of a child within any child’s hearing
  • Lack of Supervision Including: diverted attention for frequent or extended periods, Leaving children unsupervised,
  • Child unaccounted for Harsh Discipline of any kind:
  • Deprivation of basic needs including food, shelter, clothing or bedding
  • Confinement, either by locking exits of a room or use of a lockable structure
  • Any action of any child, staff, volunteer or student or parent putting oneself or other in any physical, emotional, social risk or danger will not be allowed.


Huron Park Montessori promotes opportunities for personal growth , community involvement and volunteers. They are provided orientation and review of relevant policies and procedures.

They are allowed to supervise children only under supervision of our staff only after vulnerable sector check from Peel Police and immunization record.


Every child is provided fair choices for active play even during quiet time and rest.


Definition:- At Huron Park Montessori we encourage an inclusive society, where we are committed in supporting the physical, mental, emotional and overall development of every child. We respect every child as an individual and their culture. We also respect children with special needs who, due to emotional, familial, physical, behavioural, developmental, cognitive or communicative factors, are at risk of not maximizing their potential. We are committed to provide support and assistance to each child irrespective of the diagnosis.

Goal – Safe and quality child care to every child and their families

Policy Statement:-

At HPM we believe in creating an environment for each child that is appropriate as per their developmental need, self-inviting to have the freedom of expression, to get best possible healthy expression from them and to create a sense of belonging and to better support the need of individual children and their family.

Guiding Principles:-

  • Providing an active learning environment will support all children’s uniqueness, dignity and development
  • Children with special needs are to be included in all aspects of their community
  • Through Montessori training and play based activities focused on children’s interest, strengths and needs, we can support all children’s overall development
  • The best care can be provided through partnerships between families and their support systems through involvement, input and ongoing collaboration
  • Diversity in all forms enriches communities to be better and more productive places to Learn, Play and Care.

Procedure:- At HPM our child care refers to Government’s new pedagogy “ How does learning happen” connecting with community partners such as PIRS – Peel Inclusion Resource Service, to make the classroom environment more inclusive, welcoming and appropriate according to the need of every child. We have a purchase of Service Agreement with region of peel that enables us to offer fee subsidy.

Accountability:- Every member at HPM- Owner operator, Directors, Supervisor, teachers, placement students and volunteers is committed to maintain and provide inclusive environment. If it is determined that the centre is not able to accommodate the child’s needs, the centre will work in partnership with the family to ensure all appropriate supports have been explored and will develop a transition plan for alternate child care if necessary. Every effort, action and resource will be exhausted prior to the withdrawal of the child.


To ensure children’s safety upon arrival, please accompany your child to the classroom, so that the teacher is aware of your child’s attendance. When picking your child up, please ensure that a staff member is aware of your child’s departure.

It is very important to inform the school if there is any change in the normal drop off and pick up routine of your child. Your child will not be released to any unauthorized individual. Please provide the school with the name of the person picking up your child. Please notify the individual that the staff will ask for proof of identification for confirmation.


Punctuality is important as it builds a sense of order in a child’s daily routine. Children arriving on time are more prepared for the daily learning. In order to minimize classroom disruptions, children are constantly reinforced the need to arrive on time.


Huron Park Montessori School opens at 7:00 am and closes at 5:30 pm. Parents are reminded to make every effort to pick up their children promptly by 5:30 pm. There is a late pick up charge applied at the rate of $10 for the first half hour and $1 per minute after that, after 5:30 pm that should be paid directly to the teacher taking care of your child. For half day children there is 10 minute grace period, after which $1 per minute will be applied for late pick up.


Children participating in the lunch program are provided with nut free nutritious lunch, morning and afternoon snacks following the Canada Food Guide. Pork is not allowed. Weekly menus are posted on the information board in the classroom. Vegetarian / halal lunch is also catered depending as per child’s parents’ request. Parents must inform the school in writing of all the allergies and food restrictions.

We do not allow any outside food and drink even for the birthday celebration. We appreciate your co-operation in helping keep Huron Park Montessori a safe and nut free environment.


Parent(s) are requested if their child is ill before coming to school they need to make an alternate arrangement for the day. We will check each child as they come in the class room each morning to ensure they are all well. Should your child show any symptoms of illness such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, discharging eye / any contagious eye disease / any other contagious illness, the parent will be called immediately to pick up their child. You are requested to pick up your child promptly. The child may not return to school before he / she has been fully cured for 24 hours.

Parents are encouraged to tell staff when their child has been in contact with someone with communicable disease. Parents are encouraged to seek early medical treatment for their child, if there is any suspicion of a communicable disease.

Parents are to keep their children at home if they display any one of the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Undiagnosed rash/skin condition
  • Communicable disease
  • Obviously infected discharge
  • Lethargy and irritability and are not able to participate in program
  • Persistent pain
  • Cough

A receiving staff member who notices any of these symptoms when a child arrives will ask that the child be taken home or to a doctor for a note confirming that the child is healthy and not infectious.

The Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 stipulates that prior to admission, each child must be immunized according to the local medical officer of health. Therefore, we require that a copy of the child’s immunization record, or a letter of exemption, and a medical information sheet be completed and signed by the parent. These must be submitted at the time of admission and should be updated annually. All children play outside each day. If your child is not well enough to play outside, please keep him/her at home.


Medication can only be administered if prescribed by a doctor.

The school is not permitted to administer any over the counter medication that is not specifically prescribed to the child. (Regular cough medicine must also be accompanied by a doctor’s note)

The school may administer or allow the administration of a patent or prescribed medication to the child only if:

  • The written consent of a parent has been obtained, with the signature.
  • The medication is in the original labeled container, with the child’s name on it.
  • The parent fills out the required and necessary forms stating clearly the times and amounts of medication to be given.
  • The parent releases medication to the teacher in charge.


Parent(s) are requested to keep the Huron Park Montessori informed of their current updated contact information. Should your telephone number, home address, your workplace / business change please notify the school immediately. In the event of an emergency requiring a hospital visit, your child will be taken immediately to a nearest hospital with a supervising staff member. In the event child’s parent(s) cannot be reached, the child’s emergency contact person will be notified. Please ensure the emergency contacts are aware of this responsibility.


Parent involvement is an integral component of a successful year. Throughout the year there will be several opportunities where parent volunteers are welcome to participate at events such as bake sale, fund raising, field trips and so on.


In case of concern about any aspect parents can talk to the teachers. In case they are not satisfied they can talk to the supervisor or can call on 647 773 3074 and send email regarding their concern at


Swimming lessons are part of our curriculum; they will run once a week for the year round during school days. It is an optional program.


The children will go outdoors for a minimum of 2 hours per day weather permitting. Please dress your child according to weather condition.


During the academic Year we conduct three field trips. The dates, place and the cost will be announced well before the field trips. Parents can volunteer during these field trips. If you decide not to send your child for these trips, you are requested to make an alternative arrangement for your child as all the teachers too will participate in field trips.


Please ensure that the personal belongings of your child are clearly labeled to avoid difficulties for staff and prevent items from misplacing. On the first day of school your child should bring a pair of clothes, blanket, pillow, a cot sheet and a water bottle.

Winter: snowsuit, shoes for inside, pair of socks, hat, pair of mitten, neck sock and boots.

Summer: sun hat and sunscreen (not Coppertone or life brand to avoid allergenic condition)


In the event of an emergency that we need to evacuate the building, we have arranged to use Hawthorne Public School located at 2473 Rosemary Drive, Mississauga L5C 1X1. Parents will be notified of an evacuation by the school staff as soon as possible, asking to pick the child up at the designated area.


Termination / withdrawal before the end of school year must provide the school with 1month prior written notice. There are no refunds for mid-month withdrawal, holidays, sick days or missed days for other reasons throughout the school year.

If tuition fee of a child is not paid on time and policies and procedures are not followed, Huron Park Montessori reserved the right to terminate services to that particular family.


At Huron Park Montessori we follow the PEEL District School Board Calendar. This means we are closed all statutory holidays. We are closed 2 weeks for the Christmas break and 1 week for the March break.

The school may be closed due to severe weather conditions. On the days of extremely poor weather conditions, please call the school before coming.


At Huron Park Montessori, upon registration, a copy of the existing custody agreement for child(ren) will be requested. All pick will be allowed only according to the legal document. If any legal change takes place thereafter, it will be the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide this documentation to HPM. If there is no other legal arrangement, The Huron Park Montessori’s position will be that the parent/guardian registering the child(ren) is the client of Huron Park Montessori and will be given the authority to make all child care arrangements. Documentation of the child(ren) files will be accessed by the client only unless specifically addressed in the custody agreement.

If both parents/guardians are not authorized pick-up people, the custodial parent/guardian (client) must advise the staff when the child(ren) will be picked up by the other parent/guardian. If this is not arranged prior to pick-up time, the child(ren) will not be released until the client has been contacted. Staff will not offer opinions, in writing or verbally, supporting or acknowledging the parenting abilities of either parent. Any discussions involving and contentious aspect of the situation will not be discussed in the presence of children.